Radiant Angle solo show at Rainmaker Artist Residency December 9th, 2016

Radiant Angle: Veronica Reeves I am pleased to present Radiant Angle, my solo painting show as an artist resident at Rainmaker Artist Residency. Inspired by the fluidity of the paint, I employ painting as an intuitive practice that opens up potential for the resulting compositions. Travel and dreams also serve as origins for the imagery in my work. In Radiant Angle, surreal landscapes become figures that suggest the divine feminine, shifting and glowing along with the use of iridescent, fluorescent, and metallic paints.

Veronica Reeves received her Master’s of Fine Art in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2015. She has shown nationally and internationally including Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Denver, Portland, Seattle, and Spokane. Her recent awards include residencies with Signal Fire and Rainmaker Artists Residency. Reeves graduated with her B.F.A. from University of Colorado at Denver in 2008.

It is increasingly urgent that we as humans regain a sense of harmony through healing the broken connections between ourselves and our planet, and through honoring that dependent relationship. Being in natural places and wild places offers a reminder that we are on a finite planet, that our health depends on the health of the planet, and for me personally offer bliss, peace, and healing. By the looks of current events, we have much healing that needs to take place and I will be donating 50% of sales of work from this show to Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock. Please join me on Friday, December 9th, 6pm-9pm at Rainmaker Artist Residency to view these current works of mine. I am also available by appointment to show you my paintings.


I have had the honor to be steeped in natural settings for much of my childhood growing up in the Pacific Northwest and for a short time in Hawai’i. Being in natural and wild places is like a healing balm for my soul where I recognize I am a part of a greater creation that provides physical and spiritual nourishment. I want to thank my friends at Signal Fire, Leland Ironworks, In Sacred Balance, as well as my partner, artist Dan Ma, for also showing me the love that the Earth shows us and for experiences and support that helped make these paintings happen. <3

By V2R2

Veronica Reeves is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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