The Nkisi Project: 965 Gallery at the Center for Visual Art, Denver, CO, USA

Center for Visual Art- Metropolitan State University of Denver‎
The Nkisi Project June 3 - July 2, 2016, Denver, Colorado
Peacemeal (Island)
Look for this object I made, embedded in the Nkisi Project!

The Nkisi Project June 3 – July 2, 2016, Denver, Colorado

The Nkisi project is back! This time at 965 Gallery at the Center for Visual Art in Denver, Colorado, USA. Here is a short piece I wrote about making a piece for this collaborative project. 

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The 965 Gallery at the CVA is pleased to bring you The Nkisi Project!

“Started by Sarah Rockett, Tammi Brazee, and Peter Yumi, this collaborative installation uses African Nkisi Nkondi statues as a point of departure. The Nkisi statues record actions and resolutions, and can act as a guardian or avenger of the community when activated by a spiritual specialist with insertions (often nails, pegs, or blades). The idea of recording community involvement and manifesting change is the main inspiration taken from Nkisi. By creating our own power figure installation, our community, its hopes and actions, are manifested via the insertion of individually made ritual objects. The main structure of the installation, built from wood and cinderblocks, houses a mass of objects made by over 30 different artists. Artists were asked to create a form(s) that is representative of their perspective communities. In addition, artists submitted a single sentence describing the resolution, action, or manifestation that they want the object to affect in their community. It is our hope that The Nkisi Project continues to grow, evolve, and travel as a means for manifesting and connecting many creative communities.”

The opening reception will feature a “ceremonial activation performance” by Lisa Corine von Koch.

Center for Visual Art- Metropolitan State University of Denver‎



Judy Anderson
Fawn Atencio
John John Ichabod Babcock
Brandy Badley
Regina Benson
Breeanna Benton
Tammi Kefauver Brazee
Lydia Brokaw
Carol Browning
Jen Burdess
Jaime Carrejo
Jessica Chickering
Tyler Christopherson

Amber Cobb
Patricia Coronel
Nicholas Croghan
Rachael Davis
Amelia Eldridge
Corrina Crazie Espinosa
Suzanne Faris
Sandra Fettingis
Ashley Frazier
Lauren Fueyo
Wylie Garcia

Ron Gerbrandt
Sara Goldenberg-White
Laura Grossett
Bill Gusky
Kendall Harper
Susan D Hopp
Anna Hultin
Tressa Jones
Lisa Corine von Koch
Hayley Krichels
Marius Lehene
Aliza Lelah-Hackman
Tim Main
Suchitra Mattai

Dawn S. Mcfadden
Laura Merage
Denise Bearden
Liz Miller
Laura Mongiovi
Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
Ian Paisley
George P Perez
Dania Pettus
Jennifer Pettus
Farrell Tompkins Preston
Amy Reckley
Veronica Violet Rainbow Reeves
Kimberly Ritchie
Sarah Rockett
Regan Rosburg
Stefani M. Rossi
Ajean Ryan
Doug Sink
Mark Sink
Mike Sperandeo
F.e. Toan
Brandon Vargas
Genevieve Waller
Ashley Williams
Christy Wolfe
Melissa Vogley Woods
Peter Peter Strange Yumi
Katy Zimmerman

By V2R2

Veronica Reeves is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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