Cave of Intuition

An abstract painting depicting figures in what appears to be a celestial cavern with water and stone formations.
Celestial Sisters

Finding my way through this painting was a struggle. In an effort to challenge my creativity I have been starting paintings with a very minimal sketch at most. This makes painting take longer because each move is discovered along the way rather than pre-mapped. I may still add some small changes and final tweaks to Cave of Intuition, but it is very close to being finalized.

This painting started out as Seven Sisters, in reference to the Pleiades constellation and mythology. Many creation stories point to the Pleiades as the origin of humanity, or humanity’s celestial ancestors. It doesn’t take much internet research to reveal there are communities of Earthlings who have identified which Pleiadian star they most resonate with and have ancestral ties to.

Aside from our cosmic lineage, I am also taken by the thought of seven sisters helping each other through life’s ordeals. I often look for ways to depict the power of the divine feminine, and for this I wanted to depict a group of effeminate figures collectively loving each other. Some figures are lost in abstraction, while others are more apparent in this celestial cave where womenfolk would gather to heal and create magic with each other.

By V2R2

Veronica Reeves is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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