small originals available

My series titled Bright Spots is almost sold out. These small, original paintings act as miniature sanctuaries for the mind, great for tiny homes, office spaces, or mini collections. 50% of sales from these small paintings go to Oceti Sakowin camp water defenders. More of these paintings are waiting for you on my pop-up Etsy store. These pieces will not be publicly available after February 2017.

Bright Spots

An asteroid crash lands on a planet conducive to life. It is carrying proteins, seeds, spores, and data from another world that faced a cataclysmic event. Through layers of masking, spray paint, spills, and hand painting techniques, I visualize places of post-dystopian sanctuary and sacred spaces. Pulling from aesthetics of digital games, visionary art, images of outer space, and earth processes, Bright Spots hints at fragments of new life slowly unfolding against the odds. As long as there is RNA, and DNA, it’ll be okay.

This series was curated at Flickerbox, Portland, Oregon by Verge PDX, art consultant and curation solutions.


By V2R2

Veronica Reeves is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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