Cave of Intuition

Celestial Sisters

Finding my way through this painting was a struggle. In an effort to challenge my creativity I have been starting paintings with a very minimal sketch at most. This makes painting take longer because each move is discovered along the way rather than pre-mapped. I may still add some small changes and final tweaks to… Continue reading Cave of Intuition

Terraform Necromancy

Terraform Necromancy

Sometimes people ask me what my work is about and my gut reaction is, “I have no idea!” Depending on the piece, there is more or less tension between myself the creator and the piece as the creation. Terraform Necromancy is one of those pieces that continues to resist giving up its meaning to me… Continue reading Terraform Necromancy

What a mural project teaches us!

Students working together on a group of tiles to make sure they line up correctly!

The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students at Otto Petersen Elementary school in Scappoose, OR collaborated on a community mural which is slated to be officially presented to the public on June 21st, 2017! The mural contains 9 owls, a raccoon family, earthworms, canines, a rabbit, a mouse, a horse, bats, and even a Pegasus.… Continue reading What a mural project teaches us!

Otto Petersen Elementary Mural Update

Most recent picture of the tile mural! We are just waiting on a couple more tiles!

We have received almost all our tiles back from FinishLine Graphics and are seeking a tile contractor to perform the installation on an exterior wall! If you know a professional who may be interested, please let me know! This will go on the north facing exterior wall at Otto Petersen Elementary School, the opposite side… Continue reading Otto Petersen Elementary Mural Update

small originals available

My series titled Bright Spots is almost sold out. These small, original paintings act as miniature sanctuaries for the mind, great for tiny homes, office spaces, or mini collections. 50% of sales from these small paintings go to Oceti Sakowin camp water defenders. More of these paintings are waiting for you on my pop-up Etsy store. These… Continue reading small originals available

Leland Iron Works Group Show

Reeves working at Leland Iron Works

I will be participating in an upcoming group show, Breaking Ground,  including artists in residence for 2015 at Leland Iron Works! The opening will take place on First Thursday 6pm-8pm, Nov. 5th, 2015 at Pacific Northwest College of Art in the Innovation Lab. Please join us! Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design Innovation… Continue reading Leland Iron Works Group Show