Terraform Necromancy

Terraform Necromancy

Sometimes people ask me what my work is about and my gut reaction is, “I have no idea!” Depending on the piece, there is more or less tension between myself the creator and the piece as the creation. Terraform Necromancy is one of those pieces that continues to resist giving up its meaning to me… Continue reading Terraform Necromancy

Gallery of the Future: System Failure. Please Restart.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this group exhibition through the Gallery of the Future created by CETI ! Walk through this virtual exhibition space modeled after the idea of an abandoned mall beginning Friday, 10-23-2020. I can’t wait!

A View from Here: Elisabeth Jones Art Center


Elisabeth Jones Art Center in Portland, OR, USA invited artists to collaborate on a project called The View from Here in response to a global lock down of communities. For this group exhibition local artists were paired up with international artists and asked to depict each others’ views. This was left open to interpretation. Jaggie… Continue reading A View from Here: Elisabeth Jones Art Center

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The Magic Cloak

The Magic Cloak collaborative art project Initiated in April 2020, The Magic Cloak is a collaborative project inspired by the mail art concept of an Add-and-Pass. An Add-and-Pass is a relative of the exquisite corpse from surrealist games, and mail art a non-commodity art form associated with Fluxus, noted for its playful experimentation with art.… Continue reading The Magic Cloak

Cave of Intuition

Celestial Sisters

Finding my way through this painting was a struggle. In an effort to challenge my creativity I have been starting paintings with a very minimal sketch at most. This makes painting take longer because each move is discovered along the way rather than pre-mapped. I may still add some small changes and final tweaks to… Continue reading Cave of Intuition

Upcoming Classes

I will be teaching two classes this fall, 2018. Take a look! Painting Still Life and Intuitive Making: Images of the Divine Feminine