The Magic Cloak

The Magic Cloak collaborative art project Initiated in April 2020, The Magic Cloak is a collaborative project inspired by the mail art concept of an Add-and-Pass. An Add-and-Pass is a relative of the exquisite corpse from surrealist games, and mail art a non-commodity art form associated with Fluxus, noted for its playful experimentation with art.… Continue reading The Magic Cloak

Dispersal: Call for mail art

artwork by Jason Berlin

Call for participation in an international mail art show!   Dispersal: mail art show curated by Jason Berlin and Veronica Reeves Opening Reception October 5, 2016, 6pm – 9pm Rainmaker Artist Residency 2337 NW York St.  #201 Portland, Oregon, USA Artists anywhere are invited to mail pieces of any media/content on paper.   Artists, please… Continue reading Dispersal: Call for mail art