Leland Ironworks – artist residency

Notes and pictures from Veronica V. R. Reeves’s time at

 Leland Ironworks Artist Residency

September 2015

Stepping foot upon the grounds of Leland Ironworks is like stepping out of time and into a small ecosphere where layers of art and life exist harmoniously. Dozens of sculptures emerge from the bushes and trees, watchful inhabitants meditating on their surroundings and inviting viewers to reflect as well. The artwork blends with the decades old forest planted by sculptor Lee Kelly and his wife and collaborating artist, Bonnie Bronson. Pine needles collect and seedlings sprout around the feet of the sculptures, many with a lovely, dappled, rust patina.

Walking tours of Leland Ironworks are available during Veronica V. R. Reeves’s  residency September 2015, led by artist Ann Aube.


Leland Ironworks artist in residence Veronica V. R. Reeves, September 2015
Leland Ironworks artist in residence Veronica V. R. Reeves, September 2015

“To begin, I wanted to just respond to the place. It’s such a tranquil place to be. I set up my supplies, rearranging the residence to accommodate a large roll of canvas which I nailed to the wall without much of a plan, or maybe with four plans which I didn’t feel strongly about. I just knew I wanted to make something large here because I had the space. But, since I didn’t know what to do on the large piece, I started with some playful drawings and watercolors of Leland Ironworks itself.”

“When spending the time with each sulpture, and with the property, it’s as if stories were being whispered to me. I wrote these words down and thought they would make nice poetry paired with the watercolors. Lee told me about a project he worked on where he made pieces in response to an ancient observatory and that night I had a dream about some of the sculptures being superimposed on the night sky, like a map. I’m very interested in mysteries like crop circles, Stonehenge, and stories relating to creation and the cosmos. I think these ideas will definitely affect the work I make while I am here.” -Veronica V. R. Reeves


By V2R2

Veronica Reeves is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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