Moon Flower Womb Healings

Today I met with Willow of Moon Flower Womb Healings and had a wonderful experience of healing within my mind, spirit and body. Her techniques include massage of the abdomen, feet and head, pressure point work, breath and intonation work, aromatherapy and herbs. The atmosphere and warmth of Willow and her studio made me very relaxed. I felt very accepted as she asked me to tell her about myself and invited me to process worries and stumbling block thoughts, with her right then, that may inhibit my reception of healing. Not only does Willow know how to heal with traditional, medicine woman treatments, but she also knows how to heal with her heart. Many women have a sense of competition, accusation and other negative reactions upon meeting members of their same sex. It is very healing to be around women that you trust and I’m looking forward to connecting more with my women folk. Willow read some passages from a book about being grateful and joyful about being a woman and about remembering who you are, not twisting your life around to be convenient or entertaining to others. When I was offered to draw a goddess card from a bowl, the card I picked read “authenticity.” Questions of authenticity has been weighing on my shoulders lately. Is what I am expressing authentic? Are my motives and desires authentic or am I being influenced by insecurity or pride? As I lay on the massage table and breathed in incense, Willow invited me to let all my feelings exist and be okay in that space. The sense of self-acceptance, living in harmony with one’s self, is something I think we are constantly striving for, whether we know it or not. I brought in a small tiger’s eye gem to put on the altar along with two small pictures of my children. This small rock has stuck around with me since I bought it at a gem shop when I was traveling through Yellowstone at age 13. When I was reflecting on self-acceptance, laying with my hands on my womb and my heart, I suddenly felt reconnected to that same girl I was back then. I am the same girl that I’ve always been and I can let go of negativity that I’ve been storing. I began thinking about painting and making artwork fearlessly. Ideas came rushing in. I’m reminding myself to release and empty what’s in me so that I can be filled up with new love, ideas and courage.

I recommend that if you feel like your spirit and body could use some authentic care, talk to Willow. Here is a link to her healing practice, Moon Flower Womb Healings!



By V2R2

Veronica Reeves is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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